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Let our technologies help you achieve your goal of shipping products that are free of defects, fail-proof and of the highest quality.

wsk elektronik has a team of well-rehearsed experts who have been working together for decades on our measuring and testing technology - including all of its sub-processes such as control and regulating technology, machine construction, software, process analysis, and process engineering. Our installations are used in all areas to protect against failures before they happen.

We define "Made in Germany" as trust, reliability and quality at the highest technical level. The development of our systems and devices is grounded in these principles and customized to fit your needs. We provide equipment that is perfect for your requirements and designed as a complete solution from one source.

Contact us and we will be happy to help you find the solution you need to complete your tasks - reliably and suited especially for your needs.

Kindest regards

Jürgen Winkler
Managing Director